Never manually count again.

AutoDrive changes the way a route driver manages their accounts. Less time per inventory lets drivers utilize their time at an account far differently. 

The camera is the key.

AutoDrive utilizes the camera on an iOS device to scan, identify, and inventory micro markets and vending machines.


Fill. Scan Leave.

It's that simple.

From the user's view, it's a simple video. But once that video is delivered to Gimme, our systems scan, identify, and inventory all of the visible products.

Drivers simply fill product, scan the machine or market, then leave. AutoDrive does the rest.

See a 10x reduction in inventory times, with vending machines taking as little as one minute.

AutoDrive is an add-on product for our Field App toolset.


It's not just more free time.

Drivers save tons of time on AutoDrive, but that time doesn't go to waste. Visit more stops each day, or build new relationships with your clients.

Expand your driver's skillset to act as a representative of your brand to clients.

AutoDrive's video inventory gives a high level of accountability for your markets & machines.

Get in touch.

AutoDrive is an entirely new way to manage inventory for markets and vending. Reach out to learn how it could work with your operation.