Field App

The ultimate tool for field operations.

One app, any iOS device. All of your hybrid routes can now be serviced with a singular tool. Manage Markets, Vending, OCS, and Delivery in one place.

"The speed is my driver's favorite part."

Kevin Posey, Operations Manager, Lincoln County Vending

Markets & Vending in one place.

Watch the guided walkthroughs for our Markets and Vending tools, two parts of the Gimme Field App. Explore how they can help change your business.

Field App - Markets

Inventory Markets twice as fast.

Using automatically variable spot checks we ensure that your driver always checks problem items more often, and saves time over a full inventory.

Workflow-driven interface keeps your drivers on track for the entire visit.

Field is a native mobile app that is built to eliminate loading times and input lag.

Bluetooth scanner integration makes for rapid counting.

Field App - Vending

Reduce stock-outs and spoilage.

Enhanced accuracy for machine inventories helps ensure that your customer's favorite snack is always in stock. Never miss a sale because of a stock-out.

Available full-screen planograms bring an extra level of accuracy when used on a tablet.

HD product images with floating counts tell your drivers how much of each product to add.

Search through the app or scan a barcode to edit a product even while in the field.

Full support for

OCS & Delivery.

Stock machines? Check.

Deliver coffee? Check.

Do both with ease on Gimme Field, which allows for fully hybrid routes between Markets, Vending, and OCS.

Office pantry delivery is a short signature away.

Use any ultra-portable iOS device to secure your deliveries in seconds, with an easy-to-use interface.

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