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Gimme Vending Takes the TAG Business Launch Competition Prize

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

TAG took a unique approach to the Business Launch competition with the final “Elite 8” startups tonight. The teams were divided up into 4 groups to go head-to-head, and move on to the next stage of the competition by pure audience vote. Here’s how the competition went. TekWear vs. ZeeZor: TekWear makes software for smartphones to that large farmers can speak instructions and updates into their systems. ZeeZor makes retail Point of Sale software for mobile phones so franchisees can see all their store metrics real time. TekWear moved on to the finals.

Synapse Software vs. Uniquely Virtual: Synapse makes new software to replace green screen unix terminal software that airlines currently use to manage their maintenance processes. Uniquely Virtual offers SaaS-like virtual executive assistant services to solo-preneurs. Synapse moved on to the finals.

Gimme Vending vs. Local Roots: Gimme Vending makes a hardware/software combination for vending machine owners to get realtime data from their field techs. Local Roots is an online marketplace for locally grown food to be delivered locally. Gimme moved on to the finals.

HUX vs. Terminus Software: HUX is an online marketplace for easily finding and arranging a home service provider (cleaning, repair, etc.). Terminus makes online advertising software so you can target your specific audience with any ad on any ad platform. HUX moved on to the finals.

In the semis, each team got a 4-minute pitch. In the finals, each of the 4 finalists got a 10-minute pitch. Gimme went first, and just plain owned it. They started off with a bold video (that’s redundant, because it’s always bold to show a video in a pitch), added a customer on stage touting the product, and ended with Cory, one of the founders, sitting on the edge of the stage like a boss answering all the judges’ questions like he was talking to college students.

Props to HUX, as Stanley Vergilis, the founder, used but 1 slide while he literally told the story of HUX in a very entertaining fashion. His best answer was in response to the question about the name, “HUX”, to which he replied, “it doesn’t mean a thing. We liked it and the domain was available.”

TekWear tried a LIVE demo, which failed miserably, but they recovered and delivered a solid pitch.

Synapse (full disclosure: I’ve coached Shane Ballman in his pitch for several weeks) delivered a great pitch, and gave the audience more to worry about since they did not win the $50k, because now we should all be afraid that our favorite airline is using Excel to manage its maintenance. Yikes.

Gimme wins a long, hard fought competition, and takes home a giant check for $50,000 to build their vending machine hardware & software business. Congrats to all the competitors, and to TAG and Venture Atlanta for a great competition.

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