• Matt Harlos

Startup Review: Gimme Vending

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Last week, Atlanta Ventures lead an investment in the seed round for Gimme Vending. Gimme was founded by two talented Georgia Tech entrepreneurs: Cory and Evan. So, what does the startup do? Here’s the pitch:

  • Market

  • 4.5 million traditional vending machines

  • Problem

  • Data from each machine is downloaded manually into a Palm Pilot-like device

  • After an eight hour shift by the delivery drivers, data from the machines is downloaded manually at the warehouse into the vending management system

  • Solution

  • Gimme Bluetooth LE device plugged into each vending machine sends the data to an iPad with LTE held by the delivery driver which then immediately sends the data to the Gimme servers in the cloud and loads it into the vending management system

  • Vending machine owners get data up to eight hours sooner to better run the business, prepare the stocking earlier for the next day, and order new products faster

  • Pricing

  • $25 one-time and $50 per year, per machine

If you know anyone in the vending machine business, please share Gimme Vending with them. I can’t wait to see the entrepreneurs build a great company.

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