• Matt Harlos

The Gimme Culture

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Yes, we make sure all of our employees have all the fantastic new tools to do their jobs, but culture is far more than just an impressive Apple toolset. We started Gimme Vending with purpose: abandon the old, plug-in, way of gathering data from vending machines. That hurts our industry. Our way is summed up in our brand: Simple, Fast, Beautiful.

How does Simple, Fast, Beautiful play a part in what we do every day, every week, and every month as we build this startup into a scalable business? This is expressed by who we are. While we’re connecting vending machines to the Internet of Things, we’re also building a company that’s a great place to work:

  • Every member of our team gets "the tool set," which is mostly the newest Apple gear, but includes a sweet Leatherman.

  • Every month, as a team, we head out. And by “out”, we mean hiking in the Highlands, touring local breweries, or escaping a "Kidnapping" from Break-Out Atlanta.

  • Every week, we have a team lunch. Our last two lunches? Twin Peaks and Five Guys.

  • We make room for you, whoever you are. Our new Ops Manager is one of the best cyclists in the country. In fact, he won a race just last week, and we let him have the day off to do it. His Gimme Vending sponsored cycling jersey is on order.

  • And since we all have “the tool set”, that means everyone has all their music in their pocket. That means whoever gets to the office first on any given morning picks the tunes to play over the TV or the sweet new Amazon Echo. Everybody’s got different tastes in music, and that’s what makes it fun, and we’re really going to miss Nic’s Dead obsession.

We keep things simple around Gimme, because it’s our plan to be around for a long, long time, and we plan on growing very fast. In fact, that plan is already taking place as we make the vending industry Simple, Fast, and Beautiful.

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