• Matt Harlos

The MVP in a Vending Business

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

What does a vending machine do? It sells you snacks or drinks. The operative word there is “sells”, because that’s what the vending business is: a sales business. So what goes into any sales business? Relationships!

The Vending business is just as much about the relationships with the people at the accounts as it is the convenience in food selection that the vending machines provide. For more than half the vending companies out there, the owner is also the driver - for most of my time owning vending machines that was true for me - and understands the importance of showing your customer that you care. Regardless of the scale of the operation, the drivers are the most important person in a vending company because the drivers are the front lines of the business.

Since Gimme launched last year, we’ve met and worked with some really amazing drivers. I remember going to a busy office building with one such driver. I recall specifically 3 things that he did during our day, none of which is particularly game-changing, but the sum total of which make him an outstanding representative:

  1. He greeted everyone we passed by name.

  2. After he cleaned out the coffee machine, he made a fresh pot and poured a cup for the security guards who he knew couldn’t leave their desk.

  3. When he found a sticky note on a machine requesting a refund, he actually knew that person’s favorite snack when he brought the refund.

Finding a driver this concerned with building relationships with a customer is rare and very valuable.

This level of customer care keeps accounts strong, even when competitors try to steal an account by offering lower prices or bigger commissions. Conclusion: it’s important to attract, hire, and train good drivers and promote this type of behavior. Doing so can make or break the entire operation.

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