• Matt Harlos

The Five Qualities of Every Great Vending Driver

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Vending machines are everywhere. They are so ubiquitous, we often don’t even see them anymore, but we know they are there, ready to take our cash (or card!) and pop out that drink or snack we’re craving. But the unsung hero of those snacks, who makes sure your favorite items are always there when you want them, is the driver.

Drivers enjoy a few on-the-job perks and the ability to control their own destiny. Each driver has a high amount of autonomy with little direct oversight, spends his or her time traveling around the city with people instead of behind a desk under a fluorescent glow, and enjoys a direct relationship between effort and earnings. Need a few extra bucks this week? Check a few more machines!

But being a vending route driver is not as glamourous as it sounds. These independent individuals have chosen to make a some serious trade-offs in order to remain so autonomous: working outside for hours in the heat and cold, lifting heavy boxes on, off, and around trucks, starting their work day at 4am, 3am, or sometimes even earlier, and working for at least 12 hours, usually without taking a break.

The best drivers make these trade-offs as part of their individualistic personality. So, when you’re hiring a driver to join your team, you’ll do well to hire these five most important traits:

  1. Takes ownership: They literally own their route, delivering solid results, striving to meet or exceed expectations.

  2. Personality: Good drivers are well spoken and very good with their customers, whom they recognize and even know by name.

  3. Good character: The best drivers exhibit honesty & integrity in everything they do, on and off the job.

  4. Professional appearance: Good drivers understand that they are their employer’s ambassador, and they represent their employer well

  5. Hard worker: A good driver understands and can handle physicality of the position.

A vending machine operator who employs drivers has most likely done that job themselves, and understands what it takes to be successful. Having and understanding what the qualities of excellent drivers are can make hiring for the position much easier and provides a standard for all drivers to meet.

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