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Too Young to Succeed? Not for Eric!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Congratulations to my Atlanta Ventures colleague, Terminus CEO Eric Spett, and all the other "Power 30 under 30" winners. It’s an amazing honor to accomplish what these folks have accomplished in their 20s. Eric in particular has done amazing things in such a very short time with his team at Terminus. The B2B marketing software space is noisy, crowded, and hypercompetitive, and yet Terminus is standing out in big way by making the ABM space bigger for all players. Nicely done, Eric!

For anyone reading this who is no longer in their 20s, you know how hard it is, how competitive it is, and yet how much opportunity there is when you’re young and wide-eyed and the world is your oyster. It is not easy being young and inexperienced and yet wanting to and setting out to do big things. Nobody believes you can because you haven’t yet. Nobody knows what you can do because you haven’t done it yet. Nobody trusts your instincts because you have no experience to base your instincts on. Experience is a brutal teacher, but one that all of us crave in our youth.

Don’t let that stop you. Do it anyway! Quiet the naysayers. Not with words, but with your actions, with your desire, with what will one day be looked back upon as the experience that got you where you are. Quiet them with your grit. When they say you can’t, there is no reply that can satisfy anyone in the conversation, so don’t reply. Just do what they say you couldn’t do, and let your actions speak for themselves.

Don’t let your youth and inexperience be anyone’s excuse for anything. There’s a reason they created the “Power 30 under 30” award: so you could go earn it.

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