• Matt Harlos

Do You Know Your Drivers? Well?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Relationships create success, especially in a sales-oriented business, like vending. The better you know your clients, and they you, the more trust is shared. Trust makes it easier to work together through errors and mistakes and helps the relationship last longer. These same concepts apply to the relationship with your drivers as well.

Every good relationship has and improves on these three basic things:

  1. Expectations. Do your drivers know exactly what is expected of them? Do they know what to expect when they fall short or exceed your expectations?

  2. Communication. How should drivers share critical feedback about how things are going? (and how do they know what that is?) How do you share, and make the plans to share, performance feedback with your team? (e.g. is each thing you notice fired off by email, individually; are you using a tool like Slack?)

  3. Timing. There is a pace, a cadence, to building relationships. Developing a cadence for interactions builds trust and a platform for open communication. Try weekly, in-person team check-ins and scheduled, structured 1:1 meetings.

Relationships are imperfect. Humans, our emotions, and our interpersonal interactions can get messy. How we handle imperfections and work together makes relationships interesting — doing it with patience and assertiveness makes us a strong leader and cultivates healthy relationships with our drivers. Once you have great relationships with your team, you and your business can move onward and upward with success!