• Matt Harlos

Got Coffee?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

You’ve heard, read, and been told over and over again that “millennials will soon make up the majority of the work force,” right? Yes, it’s common knowledge, to the point that, even as Millennials ourselves, we’re almost tired of hearing it. However, just knowing it doesn’t help anyone. What can you do with that information? One simple thing you can do is start building your business around that data.

Millennials - like Baby Boomers and Gen-X - a unique generation. They like and are very attracted to certain things, like community, mobile apps, changing the world...and coffee. Millennials, more than any generation before them, love them some coffee!

So what, right? Wrong. When your business is serving up popular snacks and drinks to people at work when they want them and where they want them, you simply must consider coffee as part of that mix. If you’re the “coffee guy”, then you’ve got the goods, and the millennial generation will come knocking at your door.

When you consider adding coffee to your services, you might also consider subsidizing it at first, simply to win over the clientele. In other words, it might be much easier to just start providing coffee free of charge for a short time as opposed to pushing the sale of coffee. Consider it a short term investment in your business in order to grow the coffee product line.

Remember, millennials will soon be the majority of the workforce, and we LOVE coffee. They’re going to get their coffee somewhere between 8am and 6pm. That somewhere might as well be you.