• Matt Harlos

Gimme Gratitude!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Atlanta has been receiving quite a few accolades for its up and coming status as a tech startup hub. In fact, one recent survey had Atlanta as the number one place to launch a startup. That said, the fact remains that it is very, very hard to create, launch, and grow a tech startup. As the adage goes, “startups are hard.” That really says it all.

And yet many startups make it. Granted, far more fail, but many get traction, find their bearings, find great customers, partners, investors, and employees, and ultimately succeed. That takes a long time, and you don’t just “luck” into success in any of these areas. “Hustle” is underrated, talent is hard to find, markets even harder to discover, and customers more elusive than a southern snipe after dark in July.

And yet here we are. Gimme is in its second year, and we’ve seen success in several of these areas. For that, we are very grateful, but it is to some very helpful people that we owe a debt of gratitude that will take many, many years and paying it forward to return.

Who are these people to whom Gimme is grateful? You already know them. You’ve been them. You are them. They are the people who encouraged us to pursue the idea of making vending machines part of the IoT. They are the people who pointed us at Georgia Tech’s Startup Summer and said, “Go get it!” and then encouraged us and opened doors for us along the way. They are the customers who took a chance on an early startup run by a bunch of twenty-somethings. They are the people who introduced us to our investors. They are our actual investors who teach us, mentor us, guide us, correct us, and open even more doors for us.

They are...you. And for you, we are grateful. We are Gimme. We are a startup. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.

Thank you.

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