• Matt Harlos

Driver Knows Best!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

When you do something every day, or almost every day, you get to know that thing pretty well. You get to know the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens. You learn what to do when and what not to do when. Such is the case for a vending driver’s route. Yes, as the owner or operator of a vending machine company, you may have established a route or worked a route, but now the driver of that route is there. And that driver knows best.

The vending route driver is responsible - much like a business owner - for his or her route, so it is in that driver’s best interests to get to know the route absolutely as well as possible. Whether it’s shortcuts, slow lights, loading zones, security gates, or fuel spots along the route, the driver is out there day in and day out, and it’s up to them to make the most of every day’s miles.

What does that mean for the vending operator? It means much the same as the football coach who is cheering on his players as they tear up the field. The coach knows the game, the plays, the competition, and all the players, but the coach isn’t out on the field with his feet in the mud, slippery turf, or hot astroturf. The players are out there, and only they can decide how to handle their turf.

Therefore, there is one great thing that the operator can do to help the driver navigate his or her turf. There’s one thing the operator can do to improve the driver’s efficiency, time management, and profits. There’s one task for the operator and only the operator, which the driver cannot do for himself or herself, in order to optimize the driver’s route.

The operator must listen to the driver, to help the driver be the best driver possible.

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