• Matt Harlos

Support Local Small Businesses

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The word “Local” is becoming a buzzword these days, referring to food sources, water sources, suppliers, and small businesses. It’s easy to demand ‘local’ or to preach ‘local’, but how can you actually support ‘local’? Of course, we’re biased, but it’s really, really easy:

To support a local business, buy lots of stuff from vending machines.

See how easy that is? When was the last time you walked past a vending machine? We’re pretty sure you saw at least 5, maybe 10, in the last week. Did you stop and buy anything from them? If you want to support local small businesses, ask yourself “why not?”

Here are three things you may not have known about the businesses behind all those vending machines you’ve passed by in the last week.

  1. Every vending machine is owned by a local business. It’s just the nature of the vending industry that you service and support the machines you own, and since it’s not really profitable to fly to Houston to service some vending machines from Atlanta, all your machines are local, e.g., within driving distance.

  2. Every vending operator started out owning one or maybe two machines. Again, the nature of the business is that just about anyone with a little grit and a willingness to start their workday at 2am can make money owning one vending machine. And then two, and then three.

  3. Every dollar you spend in a vending machine goes directly into your local economy. The local owner sources the products you buy from the machine from their local supplier. The profits from the machine go to a local vending owner. The driver who services the machine lives in your city.

Next time you think about supporting local small businesses, head over to that vending machine and spend a buck or two!