• Matt Harlos

Because you know we’re all about that DEX

Because you know we’re all about that DEX, we want to make sure every vending machine’s DEX is available all the time. It’s the data that helps vending companies make better decisions on routes, inventory, and customer service. Our physical every machine helps us help you get your DEX every time.

Here’s what we check during our physical audit of every machine.

  1. The DEX board to make sure it’s fully functional and not damaged in any way.

  2. The DEX jack to make sure it’s not damaged and is properly connected.

  3. Troubleshoot the system to see where any issues might reside

  4. Bring any outstanding issues to resolution, including:

  5. Procuring a new DEX jack through our suppliers

  6. Flash the firmware on the system board

  7. Replace the system board through our suppliers

Anyone can check these things, but it’s our relationships with industry suppliers that enables us to help our customers get a new jack or system board quickly so they can get the disabled machine back into service quickly.

Because you know we’re all about that DEX. Wireless DEX, that is.