• Matt Harlos

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

I once said this to my boss’s boss’s boss when he found me in the office just after 6AM in the dead of winter. His reply was epic: “who likes worms?” Well, hopefully not anyone you know, but we’re talking about birds here, and birds love worms, so the first bird out of the nest has the best shot at getting that big, fat, juicy worm.

Hungry yet? Good, because if you are a small vending owner servicing a few of your own machines around town, you are that bird. And you need to learn to love worms. By which we mean you need to hit it really, really early every single day. And by “early” we mean 2AM or 3AM. Here are a few reasons why 2AM should be your reveille.

  • Less traffic - one sure way to be more efficient is to work when no other drivers can slow you down. There are precious few people on the roads between 2 - 6AM, and that means you can service all your machines faster.

  • Better service - vending machines that are always full is somewhat like having great security: never having to call someone is a really good thing. When all your machines are full and working properly before 6AM, you win.

  • More time for business development - if you’re out on the road all day servicing your machines, you have less time to call on potential customers. Yes, it makes for a very long day, but when you’re done servicing all your machines before breakfast, you have all day to grow your business.

Yes, “owning your own business” has a super romantic ring to it, and there are a whole lot of great reasons and benefits to being a business owner; however, part of those first few years of owning your own vending machines is paying your dues servicing those machines in the early hours of every day.

Commit to burning it up before dawn, and before you know it, you’ll be able to hire someone to do some of that for you. And you’ll know everything there is to know about how to do that job because you’ve done it, and done it well.