• Matt Harlos

More Glass Means More Money

The idiom “sight unseen” originated in the 1800s, and typically referred to a rancher or cowboy buying a horse “sight unseen”, meaning the buyer bought the horse without seeing the animal first. Crazy, isn’t it? But many vending machine owners still expect their customers to buy vending products sight unseen.

But the truth is that glass front vending machines sell more merchandise. It’s not complicated, and it goes back to the simple psychology of seeing something before you buy it. Buying anything “sight unseen” isn’t wise, and that applies to a mid-day snack or your favorite soft drink.

There’s a simple solution if your machines are still forcing your customers to buy their snacks and drinks sight unseen: replace that machine front with glass! That’s right, the age of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) has been in our computing world since 1984, and we’re leading the charge to make glass front vending machines the standard!

Why? They make more money.

It really is that simple. The Millennial generation has grown up with WYSIWYG on every screen they’ve ever gazed upon. So the best way to get someone born after 1980 to make a quick decision at a vending machine is to show them what they’re going to get.

But, it’s a candy bar, a bag of chips, chewing gum, cookies...there’s uniformity in the packaging, they’re all the same, why does someone need to see the actual package they’re getting? We hear you, but the fact is, they just do. It could be…

  • Seeing is believing

  • Try it before you buy it

  • WYSIWYG is life

OK, we made up that last one, but here’s a truism that is an actual trend among Millennials: they’re getting married later and later in life than previous generations. Perhaps they really need to see what they’re getting in every aspect of life. Including vending snacks. So make it easy on your largest customer audience, and change out your machine fronts to glass.