• Matt Harlos

Change is Good!

When you visit your favorite restaurant and notice they’ve changed the menu (again!), what do you do? Leave and go to your not-so-favorite restaurant? Of course not! You know the food is going to be fantastic, but now you’ve got to scour the menu (again) to see what’s new and what you want to eat tonight. Maybe you’ll even try something new off that new menu and decide you like something as your new “usual.”

Gotcha. In a good way, of course, but your favorite restaurant is doing what you should do with your vending machines. They’re changing up the menu so you’ll read the whole thing again and see if there’s anything new you’d like to try. This method applies to vending machines, too. It’s called changing up your planograms, and it works.

When you purposefully change your planogram, you can expect a short term boost in sales up to 40%. By “short term”, we mean about 90 days. So, once each quarter, consider

  • Adding new products

  • Adding seasonal products

  • Trying pumpkin spice anything

  • Adding Fritos corn chips for putting in chili

  • Rotate your existing products

Once a quarter, four times each year, every three months...however you want to count it, make it a practice to change up the planogram in every machine and experience a nice improvement in sales over last quarter. Because change is good!