• Matt Harlos

Prevent the Vending Kiss of Death

What’s the one event that will always cause a vending business to lose sales? What’s the one thing you do your best to avoid for all your machines? What’s the entire reason for regular, consistent, efficient routes? What’s the only thing that will actually stop a customer from buying a product from one of your vending machines? “Out of stock.” That’s the kiss of death for vending operations. No product means no sales, no cash, no revenue.

How many times per week does one of your machines experience a stock out? Every time means lost revenue. Field Agent, a mobile audit and research firm, found that 62-percent of the 250 vending machines they audited nationwide had at least one out-of-stock item and, of these machines, an average of 4.4 slots (i.e., augers) were out-of-stock. "Operators of old vending machines have no way of knowing if merchandise is out until they go to restock, leaving lots of room for lost revenue," adds Shao. "My research shows that Gimme can reverse this problem, by instantly providing stock-out data to the owner/operator."

Here are three ways that using Gimme to get your vending machine data will help you prevent stock outs.

  • Improve the accuracy of pre-kitting - using DEX data to start pre-kitting earlier in the day improves not only the entire pre-kitting process, but the data is more accurate than hand-written notes.

  • Better visibility into our vending inventory - Gimme provides DEX data wirelessly when the driver is in front of the machine rather than when the driver returns to the warehouse after completing the route, so operations has the exact inventory numbers.

  • Instantly providing stock-out data to the owner/operator - when, or before, a stock-out occurs, you can take action instantly.

How many stock-outs occur in your vending business per week? Based on the research noted above, using Gimme, you could prevent at least one stock-out per machine per week. That math adds up to higher revenue every time.