• Matt Harlos

Pre-Kitting: Start with Your Best Route and Best Driver

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

In the previous post, we laid out the steps you need to take in actually implementing pre-kitting in your vending business. One of those steps is transitioning one route per week, starting with your best route or driver. That step is what we’re outlining here. The first driver you want to transition over to pre-kitting is your very best, most productive driver.

Why? Because the first driver you start on pre-kitting will be the example for all your other drivers. In other words, your first and best driver is the visual training for all other drivers. The more time and energy you invest in training this first driver, the easier your total pre-kitting implementation will be.

Here’s how to go about transitioning that first driver to pre-kitting:

  1. Educate: Teach that first driver the following things:

  • We are changing to pre-kitting because we are automating our processes to compete and serve our customers better.

  • Pre-kitting means we are working smarter: No more standing in the truck putting together all the stuff for each machine and hoping it’s all there; No more standing in the truck melting in summer or freezing in winter!

  • Drivers are commission based, so drivers are going to have more machines and make more money.

  • Pre-kitting generally offers drivers a better quality of work life.

  1. Example: When that first driver is back at the warehouse at noon, and can now handle 50% more machines and make more money, the other drivers will take notice.

  2. Effort: Start with “pre-kitting off the truck.” What that means is going back and forth from the truck to create a kit on site and see if it matches what your data says.

  3. Execute: Once your very best driver’s route is completely transitioned to pre-kitting, make a plan to transition one new route each week until every route is pre-kitted.

As we mentioned in the previous post, plan on this first route taking more than a week. After all, this is your - and your driver’s - first time, so there will be kinks. However, working with your best, most experienced and productive driver should help smooth most of those kinks out faster. After that first transition, you’ll have a new pre-kitting fan leading the charge for all your drivers.