• Matt Harlos

Meet Gimme’s New Customer Success Pro: Colleen Calahan

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

What do dogs, roleplaying games, craft beer, and the Japanese language all have in common? That’d be Colleen Calahan, the newest team member at Gimme Vending. Colleen handles tech support and customer success for Gimme’s vending operators. We interviewed Colleen to get her highlight reel and welcome her to the Gimme family.

  • Where were you before Gimme? CC: I was working as a dog trainer and kind of outgrew that role. I love dogs and love training dogs, but I really wanted to step into a role at a tech company.

  • Favorite dog? CC: Retrievers and German Shepherds. They are loyal, smart, and playful.

  • How did you find Gimme? CC: I answered an ad on Craigslist. Everyone told me “never apply for a job from Craigslist!” But they put some really geeky stuff in the ad and described how awesome The Village is, so I sent over my resume and cover letter.

  • Why did “geeky” stuff attract you? CC: I’m a gamer. They put an XKCD comic in the ad. I knew I would fit in well here.

  • What’s your favorite game? CC: More of a favorite genre: RPGs - roleplaying games. I’ve always been a gamer, so I had to learn how to upgrade devices cheap and easy. In college, we started a computer repair business. That’s where I knew I really liked working on technology.

  • What did you study in college? CC: Foreign languages, specifically Mandarin and Japanese. I spent a couple of months studying abroad in Japan.

  • Favorite part of Japan? CC: It’s so beautiful. Once you get outside the city, it’s all mountains and farms. Untouched.

  • One thing you want everyone to know about you? CC: I love craft beer. I make craft beer.

  • What’s your Super Power? CC: A pit-bull like attitude towards getting it done. I never, ever let go until it’s done.

See? She’s all that and more. Welcome Colleen to the Gimme team! Yes, you’re going to fit in really well here.