• Matt Harlos

Gimme 2016 All Over Again!

You don’t have to try real hard to think of a hundred reasons to just leave 2016 in the dust, but for Gimme, we never want it to end! What a year it’s been! And just to make sure we still have all our marbles, we’ve compiled a David Letterman style “Top 10” list for all the cool stuff that made its way into the life of our fast-growing startup.

  1. Gimme attended our first NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) One Show in Chicago. Believe it or not, this show was actually our official sales launch. Next year...Vegas baby!

  2. At the beginning of 2016, we had customers only in Georgia. Twelve months later, we have customers from Florida to New York to California!

  3. Gimme made the Vending Industry Pros to Know list! This one’s brand spanking new. Check us out!

  4. We released Gimme Drive Version 2 in January, right before that NAMA show. This update to our main product gave our customers automatic wireless DEXing in the background, graphical planogram editing, online/offline syncing, visual picklist, nearby machine indicator, and automatic vending machine mapping.

  5. In April, shortly after that product roll out at NAMA, Gimme won the vending Product of the Year! Yeah, we totally planned that. True story.

  6. In February, we hired our first Data Scientist, Steve Shao. Think about how much data is generated when you track every candy bar and drink in every vending machine. That’s what we’re studying and learning and preparing for.

  7. In October, Paul Woody led the completion of our fastest deployment to date, connecting a full vending operation of almost 1,000 machines in less than two weeks! Paul has been an amazing employee, putting in long, hard hours. He’s been so awesome, we promoted him to Operations Director!

  8. Gimme graduated from Coca-Cola’s accelerator program, the Bridge.

  9. Gimme was named a TAG Top 40 Most Innovative company. It’s cool.

  10. Gimme co-founder and CEO, Cory Hewett, was named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle 30 under 30. He’s in some pretty good company, and we’ve got a bright future with Cory at the helm.

Our growing team now has over 10 members, and we’re very sad to see such an awesome year come to a close. No, not really! Next year is going to be even more awesome!