• Matt Harlos

The Impact of Pre-Kitting on Your Drivers

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Once you’ve trained your best driver on your best, most profitable route, you’ve drawn a line in the sand. You’ve said to your vending business, “We’re moving to pre-kitting, and this is what the business will look like when we’re fully implemented.” That’s a huge step in the direction of a more efficient, more customer-centric vending business. Your other drivers are watching that step, and they have questions and concerns. As the leader of your organization, you have to acknowledge that change is hard and many people do not like change, especially when their job is on the line.

Whether a driver has been with you for 10 days or 10 years, it’s your job to help them understand the ins and outs of pre-kitting and its implications on their jobs. Below are the three general directions for you as the leader of your organization, once the efficiencies of pre-kitting are clear. The bottom line is this: each of your drivers will be about 40-50% more efficient. Each driver could, in theory, handle a doubling of their current route.

  1. You can redeploy drivers to other jobs in the organization. Assuming they know and understand the business and are not completely married to being a route driver, what other jobs in the organization could an experienced driver do?

  2. You can reduce the size of your pool of drivers, giving more routes to your best drivers. Yes, that is a nice way of saying that you have the option of letting your least productive drivers go, and giving their routes to your most productive drivers.

  3. You can grow your business by acquiring more machines/routes for the same number of drivers to handle. Most vending businesses will find this option most attractive, simply because it means they can grow their business without growing driver headcount.

Educating your entire organization is the first and best thing you can do. Pre-kitting is a major change to your business process. With it comes great efficiencies. That means more productivity for less work. As a business owner/operator, it’s hard to see any downside to that math. But for those whose jobs are impacted, that math may or may not be in their favor. It’s your job to apply the efficiencies of pre-kitting to the rest of your business.