• Matt Harlos

How to Make Pre-kitting Better

You’ve learned about pre-kitting. You’ve taken the appropriate steps to educate your entire staff, especially your drivers, on the processes and benefits of pre-kitting. You’ve slowly, intentionally implemented pre-kitting starting with your best drivers. You’ve measured your revenue and returns to actually see the improvements that your business will experience because you took the bold step to implement pre-kitting. Now it’s time to make pre-kitting better and more efficient and effective.

How to Improve the Improvement

In our very first post about pre-kitting, we quoted the President of Lightspeed, Randy Smith, on what one thing makes pre-kitting work (or fail). His words from our first post are the heart of this post on how to improve your pre-kitting:

"It’s all about the data."

The key to pre-kitting success is putting the right quantity of the right items in each kit for each machine on each route. Let’s break that down step by step.

  1. What should go into each machine? Every machine you service should have its own planogram, the map of the machine’s items for sale, so you and your driver know exactly what goes where, and, more importantly, which items are selling at what rate.

  2. How many of each item does each machine need? The numbers never lie. When a Snickers bar sells 10 units every 2 days, you’re going to need to replenish that inventory at least every other day. Whereas when the Barbeque Doritos sells 10 units per week, you only replenish that item once per week. The key to successful pre-kitting is having this data.

  3. How do I get that data completely accurate? Use Gimme. Yes, there it is! You knew we’d get around to a shameless plug, and in our 10th post on pre-kitting, this is it.

Gimme Data! Gimme Vending makes beautiful software to connect an iPad mini to your VMS. Our beautiful software is a delivery mechanism for your beautiful, accurate, timely data! Your planogram exists in the Gimme software. Your drivers wirelessly collect the data from each machine on that iPad Mini, and we send that data back to your warehouse in real time so the pre-kitting work can begin long before the driver ever arrives back at the warehouse.