• Matt Harlos

Perfect the Pre-Kitting Puzzle

Welcome to the final post in our series on Pre-Kitting! The goal of this series is to educate the owner/operators of vending businesses about the benefits and processes involved in integrating pre-kitting into your business. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

  • Why vending businesses should be pre-kitting

  • What exactly is pre-kitting?

  • How to prepare for pre-kitting

  • Prepare your drivers for pre-kitting

  • Avoiding some pre-kitting pitfalls

  • Transitioning into pre-kitting

  • Train your best driver and route for pre-kitting

  • How pre-kitting will impact all your drivers

  • How to measure the effect of pre-kitting on your business

  • Now that you’re pre-kitting, make it even better

  • Lower (or eliminate!) overtime with proper pre-kitting

Now, we’re going to tee up the perfect recipe for pre-kitting for your business. We quoted Randy Smith, the President of Lightspeed, in the very first pre-kitting post, “Everything starts with the data!” Randy stands by his words and so do we.

From day one, Gimme has been about radically improving the data that starts with each vending machine and ends up at the warehouse as the team plans the following day’s route inventory. In other words, if you want your pre-kitting data to be pristine, replacing those old, outdated rugged mobile devices with iPads and the Gimme App is the only way to go. Gimme’s patented system makes pulling inventory and sales data from each machine simple, fast, and wireless.

Since pre-kitting starts with the data, that data has to go into a system that is built from the ground up for pre-kitting. That system is Lightspeed, the leader in pre-kitting for vending businesses. The combination of Gimme & Lightspeed will bring great process, efficiency, and effectiveness to your vending business.

Follow the steps to bring pre-kitting into your business, implementing Lightspeed and Gimme at the same time to radically transform your vending business over the course of just a few months.

And, yes, this post is a shameless plug for Gimme and our partner, Lightspeed. We hope you enjoyed and learned from our pre-kitting series. Ready to learn more? Give Evan a call today.