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Cantaloupe Systems Partners With Gimme Vending To Expand Seed Mobile Functionality

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) MARCH 28, 2017 Cantaloupe Systems, the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end vending and payments solution, today announced it has entered into a partnership with Gimme Vending, maker of innovative unattended retail technology that provides vending executives with sales, cash, inventory and service data.

The partnership allows Cantaloupe to integrate Gimme Vending’s cutting edge Bluetooth technology into its front-end driver software, Seed Mobile, expanding new capabilities to its existing solution.

Embedded into Cantaloupe’s new Seed Key, Gimme’s technology provides users with a wireless device for drivers to easily download DEX from machines in areas where it is impossible or impractical for a telemetry device, or in areas with little to no cell coverage. About the size of a car key fob, the Seed Key easily fits in a driver’s pocket and allows operators to connect their entire operation. The key also integrates with Seed Mobile, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for strong security and easier setup than legacy Bluetooth devices.

The Seed Key enables DEX-ing without clumsy and expensive cables and doesn’t require set up or pairing. It is a rugged IP67 device that is waterproof, dustproof, and drop proof, without flimsy clips. Drivers simply tap a DEX button while servicing a machine, and can continue servicing while DEX completes. The Seed Key then downloads valuable machine and inventory data directly into Seed Mobile, providing vending operators with better cash and inventory accountability, as well as eliminates the driver’s time spent doing inventory at every service.

“We are focused on providing actionable data that takes the guess work out of running a refreshment services business, and with Seed Key we are able to expand our Seed Mobile capabilities into vending machine locations that do not have telemetry devices, providing operators with a higher percent of DEX connectivity across their entire business,” said Anant Agrawal President and co-founder of Cantaloupe Systems.

The Seed Key features a multi-year battery life, eliminating any need of worrying about charging or running out of battery mid-day. It also helps drivers with accuracy on pre-kitting and helping owners automate vending operations and make more intelligent operational decisions.

“Constant connectivity helps us provide users of our technology greater control over their business with visibility into the state of every machine,” said Cory Hewett, CEO and co-founder of Gimme Vending. “We’re proud to support industry-leading partners like Cantaloupe Systems with technology that makes this connection a reality. The access to data that is generated by connected devices has changed the way companies can operate and the way in which they generate revenues.”

About Gimme Vending Gimme makes unattended retail a reality. The company builds award-winning mobility and tracking tools to manage unmanned retail locations, like vending machines and micro-markets, helping their customers increase productivity and profitability. Currently, Gimme builds hardware and software for vending companies. Gimme’s award-winning and patented plug-and-play solution replaces legacy handhelds to deliver valuable data, like purchasing patterns, and provide operators with better cash accountability, inventory tracking, and machine status data. This translates into fewer stock-outs, faster warehousing and restocking, and streamlined product planning. Gimme’s technology scores each point-of-sale in the network based on the suitability of inventory to consumers on location and helps track what’s happening in the field, where the cash and inventory are, all in real time, without end-of-day downloading, synchronizing, or hand-keying. For more information, visit http://www.vending.ai or connect with Gimme on Twitter.

About Cantaloupe Systems Cantaloupe Systems is the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end vending and payments solution for cashless vending, dynamic route scheduling, automated pre-kitting and merchandising and inventory management…all accessible by any mobile device. With a combined 100+ years' vending experience, Cantaloupe Systems’ expert consultation team can help vending operators modernize their vending business resulting in increased revenue, greater route efficiencies and streamlined back office administration. Hundreds of customers, with hundreds of thousands of machines connected, rely on Cantaloupe Systems’ innovative solutions to give them full control and visibility over their operations, their inventory and their people so they can more proactively, predictably and competitively run their business. Learn more about smarter vending at cantaloupesys.com.

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