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Cantaloupe And Gimme Vending Partner To Boost Connectivity

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Vending and payment solution provider Cantaloupe Systems recently announced a partnership with unattended retail technology provider Gimme Vending. Cantaloupe will integrate Gimme Vending’s Bluetooth technology into Seed Mobile, Cantaloupe’s front-end driver software, to create Seed Key.

With Seed Key, Cantaloupe will be able to grow connectivity across its users’ vending operations, providing DEX from machine locations without telemetry devices. DEX (digital exchange) is the vending industry’s standard electronic audit file that communicates information such as sales, pricing, cash in the machine, and other use data.

“Constant connectivity helps us provide users of our technology greater control over their business with visibility into the state of every machine,” said Cory Hewett, CEO and co-founder of Gimme Vending. “We’re proud to support industry-leading partners like Cantaloupe Systems with technology that makes this connection a reality. The access to data that is generated by connected devices has changed the way companies can operate and the way in which they generate revenues.”

While servicing a machine, drivers tap the DEX button, allowing Seed Key to download machine and inventory data directly into Seed Mobile. This provides vending operators with better cash and inventory accountability.

“We are focused on providing actionable data that takes the guesswork out of running a refreshment services business,” said Anant Agrawal, President and co-founder of Cantaloupe Systems. “With Seed Key, we are able to expand our Seed Mobile capabilities into vending machine locations that do not have telemetry devices, providing operators with a higher percent of DEX connectivity across their entire business.”

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