• Matt Harlos

Your Challenge Is An Opportunity

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Bringing innovation to a vending business is serious work. Nobody moves from pen-and-paper to pre-kitting overnight.

If you want to pre-kit successfully, you'll have to start with some other things. You need good remote DEX. You need item-level tracking. You need up-to-date information in your VMS. You need consistent DEX from your machines. You need to replace your dying handhelds.

Achieving each of these things takes work and planning. You usually won't get to your goal right away. And if an operation is just getting started, it can seem pretty daunting.

But every so-called "obstacle" is in fact a great opportunity.

Consistent DEX isn't just a step on the path to pre-kitting: by itself, it's a huge step forward for your operation. Even if dynamic scheduling is still months away, installing credit card readers will boost your sales.

No matter how far you want to go, and no matter where you operation is now, you can take steps to make it better.

That's why Gimme is proud to partner with operators in all stages of their journey. What goals do you want to achieve? Let us know: we can help you get there.

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