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Gimme 2017 Year in Review

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

2017 is done. Now, Gimme some 2018!

Our team thought 2016 was a fantastic year for Gimme, until we took stock of the last twelve months. For a growing HESaaS company, like Gimme, we believe it’s important to recognize and celebrate the challenges and victories along the way. I believe this will help us set the bar high, hit the mark, and set the next bar even higher. Here’s the highlights of how our year went:

We’ve grown: revenue, customers, machines online.
  • Our YoY revenue has grown by 95%.

  • Our customer count has grown by >3x.

  • Our machines count has grown by >4x. Remember this past April at OneShow 2017 when we shared our metric of having over 10,000 machines? Now we’re over 45,000!

We believe the best metric though, is software use by real people: we now serve over 15,000 POS visits weekly, with 736 days in a row of uptime, and 99.99% availability. In context, our customers can trust us to be online and there for them more than they can their own power grid.

Our team is the strongest it has ever been: veterans and new hires.
  • Together in 2016, our team was named “Pros to Know.” This year, Evan and Paul have been individually recognized with this outstanding industry distinction.

  • We’ve brought on Harvard graduate, Chris Oppermann, to lead our customer training and education (featured in picture).

  • We’ve brought on accomplished sales leader, Alan Kloss, to lead our DSD initiatives.

  • We’ve brought on creative designer, Matt Harlos, to augment our design and user experience efforts.

  • Team veteran, Colleen Calahan, relocated to a new state for Q3 to successfully lead a major customer on-boarding.

We are making an industry impact.

We feel vending is different because we are here, in a positive way, enabled by incredible effort from our team and, of matched importance, continuous support from our customers and industry leaders. We’ve seen other players in the industry provide additional proof the trail we’ve been blazing is the right one:

  • Some constructively, like Crane’s efforts to build a driver app;

  • Some duplicitously, like when we were forced to successfully defend our intellectual property in Federal court with the 2-day trial resulting in a permanent injunction against VendSys; and

  • Some cooperatively, like when we signed partnership agreements with both USAT and Cantaloupe to help our solutions and their benefits to reach more operators.

Our 2018 Vision

We’re proud of the activities and results in 2017. But, what we prefer to spend our time and energy focusing on is what we’re doing and where we’re going in the future. Our shareholders, our team members, our industry, and especially our customers, have entrusted us to build on this traction by delivering more value through our technology than ever before. In 2018, we will work to earn the recognition as most user-empathetic technology company in unattended retail. I’m excited for the opportunity our team has to show you what this translates to in new tools and technologies in the new year ahead.

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Cory Hewett

Gimme / CEO

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