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Gimme Listens to Customers & Announces New Business Model for 2018

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

ATLANTA, Jan. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gimme, maker of innovative unattended retail technology that provides executives with sales, cash, inventory and service data, today introduced two new SaaS pricing plans, both which provide customers the ability to deploy Gimme technology more cost-effectively and more quickly than ever before.

The first structure “1Key:1Driver” offers vending operators the ability to use one Gimme Key per route driver. Every device includes a lifetime warranty and forever battery guarantee and costs just $2 per machine per month with no upfront hardware or licensing fees. Operators who prepay for one year receive a 16.67% discount, effectively getting 2 months free.

The second structure “1Key:1Machine” offers Gimme’s fastest and most reliable wireless DEX option, using one Gimme Key per machine. Each device also includes a lifetime warranty and forever battery guarantee, and costs $3 per machine per month with no upfront hardware or licensing fees. Like the first structure, operators who prepay for one year receive a 16.67% discount, effectively getting 2 months free.

“We see our role and responsibility to be the most empathetic supplier in the unattended retail industry. With that mission, we put a lot of credence into operator feedback and many have been asking for an option to use one key per driver option for quite some time,” said Evan Jarecki, Co-founder and VP of Sales. “We feel this is the perfect time to respond to our customers and this new model provides our customers with the ability to deploy more quickly, as it eliminates the barriers to entry: upfront hardware costs and staggered implementation. It also makes it possible for operators using Gimme technology to deploy all of their machines on the same day, begin gathering data, and use that data to immediately make better business decisions.”

Both models can be paired with a $3,000 deployment package. The one-time fee provides the manpower, training, and equipment each warehouse needs to go 100% wireless DEX, including three days of in-field training and support as well as one cellular-enabled tablet for each driver at that warehouse.

“The introduction of these two models will speed up deployments, increase driver productivity and really changes the way we work with machines from an operations perspective,” said Paul Woody, Director of Operations at Gimme. “Drivers are especially excited about this technology as they know what they need going into a vend visit and will be able to complete service much faster than before.”

Driver Benefits:

  • ​Full-screen visual planograms save 2-5 min per machine inventory

  • Easy-to-use interface results in fewer errors, meaning more accurate pre-kits and reports

  • Real-time data syncing means no more waiting at the end of the day

Owner Benefits:

  • Get to pre-kitting faster with accurate, item-level tracking

  • Because software is easier and faster to use, owners can train new drivers quicker, increase efficiency and retain good drivers.

  • Accurate data from drivers means owners can expect a major reduction in bring-backs and overall fewer stockouts

M&M Sales Company, a Gimme customer, recently released a case study surrounding the positive influence of implementing Gimme technology across their operation. To read the case study, follow this link: http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/b2170c_c3bcfed6fd9346c694c8ce9219f46a79.pdf

Gimme also announced it is segmenting its business into three parts: Gimme Vending, Gimme Markets, and Gimme DSD, and will use the name Gimme for the umbrella organization. The Company is also implementing customized, individual transition plans for current Gimme customers.

About Gimme Gimme makes unattended retail a reality. The company builds award-winning mobility and tracking tools to manage unmanned retail locations, like vending machines and micro-markets, helping their customers increase productivity and profitability. Gimme’s award-winning and patented plug-and-play solution delivers valuable data, like purchasing patterns, and provides operators with better cash accountability, inventory tracking, and machine status data. This translates into fewer stockouts, faster warehousing and restocking, and streamlined product planning. For more information, visit www.vending.ai or connect with Gimme on Twitter.

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