• Matt Harlos

Core Values: Gimme

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

At a forward-moving and fast growing startup, you’re on a mission. Your team are the SWAT-team-like adventurers who lead the business forward, keep their eyes on threats, and overcome challenges as they’re encountered. Recruiting the right people to that mission is something within an entrepreneurs locus of control and so important to the success of your mission. Your culture attracts the right people to your team.

Jim Collins had it right when he helped create the “Mars Group exercise.” If you are on a mission to Mars, and only have seats for 5-7 people, who are the people you would take with you — and why? If your extant survival depends on who you invite, naturally you’ll choose people you trust and who have a gut-level understanding of what is important — your core values.

Your core values are the basis of your startup culture. Through the people you hire, actions that lead to termination, and tendencies that get rewarded, your core values are defined.

At Gimme, we have six core values. All six are an absolute must for new team members and we celebrate moments when our team members shine in exemplifying one or more. Our team members have the confidence to take action independently in a variety of situations by knowing that if that action is in line with all six core values Evan and I will have their back. Conversely, if one of our team members were to brazenly demonstrate a rejection of these core values, it would make it clear there is not a cultural fit and we would help them find a new opportunity outside our team.

One: Fiercely Driven to Win

Two: Problem Solver

Three: Intrinsically Motivated and Relentless

Four: Leader and Team Player

Five: Precise and Focused

Six: User-Empathetic

A strong and healthy culture attracts the right people to your team. What are the top traits you’d recruit for on your “Mission to Mars”?

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