The Team

We’re a small, elite group of mildly insane creative thinkers, beer-loving problem solvers, band geeks, and innovators. We do whatever it takes to make sure customers are thriving on Gimme’s software — even when it means training their teams out in the field or answering the phone after 5 p.m.

Our founders

Cory started his own vending operation in high school after his parents told him if he wanted to drive, he’d have to buy his first car. He grew his route to 26 machines and saw firsthand the need for better technology along his journey.  

Cory met Evan while they were working together on avionics at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, Ga. After Gulfstream, they both transferred to Georgia Tech to continue their pursuit of electrical engineering. Throughout this time, Cory shared all of his entrepreneurial adventures with Evan, and together, the two became hooked on business.

Gimme was founded in Atlanta, Ga., when the two Georgia Tech engineering students combined their vending experience and technical knowledge to disrupt the unattended retail industry with a last-mover advantage.

our Values


We put our customers first, always.


We’re all passionate about something and bring that energy to work.

Problem Solvers

We have a bias towards action and do what it takes to get the job done.



help partners extract value from our products
lead expansion and new partner onboarding
host and attend partner events
spread the word of partners’ success
work directly with Triage to improve the product and make partners happy


provide first-line support for all partner issues
lead training sessions and create training materials
liaisons between partner needs and product development
lead product R&D, testing and integration efforts
work directly with Success to improve the product and make partners happy

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