Learn more about how Gimme VMS maintains the quality of your markets.

View all your routes in one place.
Save your drivers time
at markets.
Divide your markets into sections to be serviced.

Manage markets with your current provider.

Gimme integrates with Avanti and 365 Markets and is in the process of partnering with Vendor's Exchange to guarantee you real-time kiosk sales syncing within VMS.

View all your routes in one place.

On the operations page, you can view all routes, including markets, vending, and delivery, all on one page. This further encompasses hybrid routes, ones which service both vending stops and micromarket stops or micromarket stops and delivery stops, etc.

Save your drivers time at markets without losing quality.

With Spot Check, your drivers focus on counting a small number of products that need manual verification (like a recently sold-out product) without inventorying the entire market. This decreases the amount of time spent at each visit and, over time, ensures your driver is manually verifying the most critical product quantities. Unlike vending, markets planograms are primarily managed by photos instead of an arrangement of individual product images — maintaining more consistent accuracy and reducing the chance of human error. For hybrid routes, your drivers use the same app for markets, vending, and delivery.

Find and track missed stockouts.

Your drivers take a picture at the end of each visit, creating Visit Images. The most important use for these images is seeing the condition your driver left your customer, which sometimes includes finding stockouts. It's likely your driver tracked this stockout already, but this helps if they missed it. This visual identification is powerful — allowing you to take action on behalf of your customers to reduce the time in which a product is missing. When your customers call, you have more insight to help them out.

Divide your markets into sections to be serviced.

AI Schedule Suggestions gives you the best of both worlds, static and dynamic, by making your recurring visit schedule more efficient without hiring a dedicated schedule dispatcher. First, markets are broken into sections that can be individually scheduled to better balance items with varied shelf life. Then, the system uses "probability of stockouts” to make schedule suggestions while keeping you in control to accept or decline. Learn more about what contributes to a schedule suggestion in the announcement link. Overall, it will create predictable schedule savings that allow you to run larger operations with fewer employees and trucks on the road.

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