OCS / Delivery

Learn more about how Gimme VMS benefits OCS operators.

Sort your accounts
for delivery.

Manage invoices
at the visit level.

Replace the paper
method at check out.

Sort your accounts for delivery.

On the operations page, you can filter the accounts to show only delivery. From the accounts, you can view previous invoices within a certain range, select invoices to generate a statement, and create a PDF report of balances.

Manage invoices at the visit level.

Operators are able to see complete visits and what was delivered as well as view the customer's signature and the completed invoice. With the click of a button, you can edit the invoice, create a PDF of the invoice, resend PDF copy of the invoice to customers, and export delivery details to excel.

Replace the paper method at check out.

The process of checking out through Gimme Field surpasses the paper method by reducing human effort and human error. It produces real-time product and quantity updates. Once a customer signs the iPad, they automatically get an email with the invoice. The driver can even bill the customer's next order on site to prevent the customer from contacting the office and eliminating the risk of the driver writing down the order only to lose the paper.

A sample office coffee delivery invoice with coffee products shown in the Gimme Field app.

Give your drivers power with Gimme Field.

Within Gimme Field, drivers have the ability to make changes to customer's standing orders. They can add products, adjust the quantity, and alter the price. When generating invoices, drivers can open any past unpaid invoices and inform customers of their current account balance.

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