VMS with optional video inventory

Software to help your warehouse staff and route drivers maintain accurate product inventories


Make Big Changes Fast

Gimme puts all scheduled points of sale into a single view, with filters to quickly find what you need. Schedule changes can be applied at the account level, meaning you don’t need to go into each individual POS. After holiday schedules end, they go back to normal automatically — no need to set a reminder.

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Work Near Your Products

Gimme makes finding warehouse-level product inventory fast and simple with the search bar. Immediately know every point of sale where a product is located before you make global product changes. Taking Gimme with you in the warehouse means as soon as you notice product getting low, you can utilize your mobile device to make timely, cost-saving changes.

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Trustworthy and FAst

Gimme delivers fast, high-quality reports, custom-made for your operation. Filters can be added to any report for quick comparisons, like last year’s sales for two high-performing routes. All reports can be exported to PDF or Excel for instant sharing with your employees, suppliers, or customers.

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Reliable and All Wireless

Gimme’s patented hardware is installed one time into each vending machine’s DEX port so your drivers can get DEX before opening their machines. Our hardware uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so you never have to go into device settings before connecting to get DEX. Route drivers get a reliable DEX file at every vend visit.

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One Schedule for Hybrid Routes

Gimme puts vending, micro markets, and OCS/delivery into one schedule view for route drivers. We support integrations with 365 Markets, both Smart HQ and ADM, Company Kitchen, Vendor's Exchange, and more integrations to come. Users can also create digital PDF invoices, which can be sent directly to an email on file for OCS/delivery stops.

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Planogram Edits On the Fly

Gimme helps you make merchandising changes while you’re in the field, standing in front of your machines and markets. When a planogram is changed, the old product is removed from inventory and the new product is set to forecast automatically. These changes are shown to your route driver at their next scheduled visit.

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Fast, Accurate Inventory

AutoDrive is an optional video inventory software upgrade, which uses AI and machine learning to identify and count products in micro markets and vending machines. Accurate, full inventories are completed without manual counting. Stockout detection is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to visual, real-time feedback through augmented reality.

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